Family Game Night meets #MathMoment

If your children are anything like mine, they have an insatiable need to play and compete. For my seven-year-old, Rayni, this need is met by family game nights where we battle for the title of Rummy Champion. Because I've been described by a few individuals as a bit of a control freak, I typically am … Continue reading Family Game Night meets #MathMoment


Forgiving the Fixed Mindset

Educators throughout the state heard me tell my story this year and were shocked to learn that my elementary school principal, Mr. McMaster, told me with complete certainty that I would “never amount to anything.” Clearly the man had a fixed mindset just like many of us do. Initially, I wanted to find Mr. McMaster … Continue reading Forgiving the Fixed Mindset

6 Things Your Child’s Teacher Wishes You Knew (Part 2)

The connection between home and school is an important part of boosting student success both inside and outside of the classroom. In my last post, I highlighted the first three tips teachers would want parents to know, including: There's a reason behind the "new way" of teaching math. Allow and expect mistakes. Change how you … Continue reading 6 Things Your Child’s Teacher Wishes You Knew (Part 2)